Nels Cline

Guitar master-explorer Nels Cline should need no introduction having held the guitar seat in Wilco for nearly nine years and counting.


Free improvisation, club-electronic sounds with strong melodies combined with a Canadian, local groove. Giampaolo Scatozza, Richard Underhill, Steve Pelletier and Michael Occhipinti

Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything

Described as “Gogol Bordello meets The Mothers of Invention”, or “Tom Waits playing the fiddle while fronting The Mahavishnu Orchestra” Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything somehow combine bluegrass with Indian music, afro-beat with sea shanties, or klezmer with the blues, and make it sound like the most natural thing in the world.

Great Bob Scott

GREAT BOB SCOTT is an incedible force and mainstay of the Canadian music and entertainment world. He's a fiendishly dedicated technical wizard; his versatility and sense of timing are legendary amongst veteran musicians across Canada. A consumate performer, SCOTT has tackled numerous television appearances and toured throughout Europe and North America. He keeps busy with regular recording sessions, theatre, film and TV work.

Angelika Niescier Quartet

Polish-German saxophonist Angelika Niescier is among those exceptional women that for some time now have been vitalizing and inspiring the European jazz scene with new outlines. Niescier has received scholarships and awards such as NRW „Prize For Young Artists“ and was the very first “Improviser in Residence” at the legendary Moers Festival (2008).

Among others she is working with Tyshawn Sorey, Steve Swallow, Jim Black, Achim Kaufmann, Ulrike Haage, Thomas Morgan , Joachim Kühn, Simon Nabatov, Chris Tordini, Julia Hülsmann.

Shuffle Demons

What do you get when you cross 3 amazing saxophonists dressed in wacky clothes, a crazy dancing drummer and a killer upright bass player and have them sing songs about Buses, Roaches and Hockey and spend 1/2 their time playing in the audience? The Shuffle Demons, that's what!!! They were a band that captured the imagination of a generation with their antics and amazing no holds barred playing and stopped traffic on a regular basis. And now they're back!!

L'Orkestre Des Pas Perdus

L'ORKESTRE DES PAS PERDUS (O.P.P. for short, liberally speaking the Lost Steps Orkestra) is a original height pieces brass band made up of trombone, trumpet, french horn, alto, tenor, baritone saxophones, tuba and drums. Full of humour and highly energitic, this group draws from various contemporary currents and timeless material, breathing new and inventive dimensions into music, to the great deligth of the audience.

Ig Henneman Sextet

Dutch musician-composer and bandleader Ig Henneman performs on viola, and writes compositions for orchestras, ensembles, soloists, including pieces for film and theater. As an improviser, she mainly focuses on the Ig Henneman Sextet, Duo Baars-Henneman and the Queen Mab Trio. The Lg Henneman Sextet is composed of Ig Henneman (NL), Ab Baars (NL), Axel Dörner (DE), Lori Freedman (CA), Wilbert de Joode (NL), Marilyn Lerner (CA)

Luke Vajsar

An experimental lounge solo bassist from Toronto, Ontario, currently has ten albums completed. He combines pedal effects with loops into an original atmospheric blend full of surprises all played on the beautiful instrument known as the bass. All albums available on cdbaby.com and itunes. Also, Luke is a full-time member of Canada's drum n' bass pioneers CODEX currently recording a new album to be released in 2013. Also, Luke plays live and records with his experimental club beat duo named HYPNOTIC SMASH.


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