Traditional Jazz

Geoff Young

Inimitable guitarist Geoff Young has recorded and performed with Kenny Wheeler, Paul Bley, Barry Romber, John MacLeod and Phil Dwyer to name a few.

Ernie Tollar

Ernie performed his first professional gigs at age 16 and has since toured Europe, India, Egypt, Kapuskasing, U.S.A., Argentina, Mexico and Canada playing jazz sax, Indian Bansuri flute and the Middle Eastern ney flute. His last album, Cairo to Toronto, was nominated for a JUNO Award.

niiic - Nic Ladouceur Trio

With influences ranging from Jimi Hendrix to Wes Montgomery, Nic Ladouceur's trio "Niiic" is a no-nonsense band that speaks to people. With both modern sensitivities and an appreciation for the best music of the past, their instrumental performances are both captivating and inspiring for audiences.

Laura Fernandez

Luara is a singer, songwriter, pianist, music producer, painter, award-winning illustrator and designer, radio host/producer.

Artie Roth

Toronto-born jazz bassist Artie Roth has been an active composer, bandleader, performer and educator in the national and international jazz communities, since his graduation from York University in 1992 with the Oscar Peterson Scholarship. After two Canada Council sponsored study tenures in New York City (1993 and 1997), Artie returned to Toronto establishing himself as one of the busiest, full-time composer/performers in Toronto. As well as leading his own group, Artie is also an active member of The Rich Underhill Group, The Bob Brough Quartet and Kollage.

Shawn Nyquist Quartet

You can expect some beautiful ballads and hard swing from this seasoned veteran tenor man.

Quincy Bullen

18-year old jazz pianist Quincy Bullen follows in the footsteps of his Juno award winning father, Eddie Bullen. Quincy has become an experienced, adept keyboardist who puts a charming spin on all his performances. Extraordinarily talented, with a great sense of timing, Quincy ‘wows’ audiences across Ontario and the Caribbean. His style is jazz with a funky vibe. His repertoire includes his own version of popular standards from jazz, R&B and soul as well as his original compositions.

Rob Christian

One of the hottest young "lions" playing in Toronto today. His vocals and re-workings of standard jazz and current sounds make him someone not to miss. Known primarily as a jazz instrumentalist, more recently Rob Christian has been exploring other musical genres as a singer and songwriter. His own modern urban style has emerged as fusions of jazz, r&b and soul, in addition to his highly respected saxophone playing.

Jake Wilkinson Quartet

One of the most advanced and versitile trumpet players who has recorded with the likes of John Hicks and Bob Mover as well as with his own groups.

Ken Skinner

Leader, pianist and chief composer for the jazzmongers! since 1989 Ken fuses his traditional jazz with new and fresh sounds and sweet vocals.


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