Michael Occhipinti's Sicilian Jazz Project

Michael Occhipinti’s The Sicilian Jazz Project has been dazzling audiences world-wide with its intriguing mix of Sicilian folk material and the best elements of jazz, world music, funk, blues, and chamber music.

The Donefors

Definition: done for informal in a situation so bad it is impossible to get out. The DoneFors are Janine Stoll, Brian Lahaie, Paul MacDougall and Liam Smith.

Bold lyrics, unpredictable arrangements, experimental style merging, and engaging live shows are all part of The DoneFors experience. They embody a pop, folk, world, jazz, rock sound they’ve coined Canadiana Vanguard — a musical expression that spans genres, stretches boundaries, and stays rooted in an instrument’s true sound.

Alexander Brown Quintet

In 1997, Alexander received his Master’s degree in Classical Music at
the Instituto Superior de Artes, one of Cuba’s foremost prestigious
institutions. He continued at the same institution as a trumpet teacher
until 2005.

In 2004 motivated by new musical ideas Alexander formed his own
quartet where he experimented mixing Cuban rhythms with jazz
styles. At the same time he was invited to play with saxophonist Dave
Murray to record Murray’s CD “Now is Another Time”, exposing
Cuban artists to audiences across the globe. He also recorded on

Beverly Taft's Bossa Nova Project

Beverly (with Nathan Hiltz on guitar, Jordan O'Connor on bass and Chris Gale on sax) pays tribute to Brazilian composer and icon Antonio Carlos Jobim and his contemporaries in English and Portuguese, celebrating the beautiful melodies, harmonies, rhythms and lyrics of the classic bossa nova era of the 1950s and '60s.

Kyle McGyle's "What's This?"

Kyle McGyle’s "What's This?" plays contemporary Brazilian jazz. Their infectious rhythms and engaging melodies are guaranteed to keep your toes tapping and your thoughts warm and sunny.

Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo

Joaquin Nunez Hidalgo was born and raised in Cuba. His early inspiration was his musically gifted father Porfirio Nunez, a former singer/guitarist with one of the oldest Cuban orchestras "Brisas de Nipe".

As a professional artist Joaquin has had a successful music career in Cuba. Performing in numerous music events and festivals, he shared the stage with some of Cuba's most elite musicians like Emiliano Salvador, Juan Pablo Torres and Joel Rodriguez Milor.

Luis Mario Ochoa Quartet

Born in Havana, Cuba in April 6, 1963, Luis Mario’s earliest musical influences came from his father Luis Ochoa Sr. singer, guitarist and founding member of “Trio Voces de Oro”, one of Cuba’s most romantic ensembles.


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