Jorge Maza & Tipica Toronto

Combining the sound of the tres guitar with two violins and a cello in a style known as charanga francesca, Tipica Toronto perform a salsa-based repertoire that reflects the grand continuum of Cuban dance music that has evolved since the 1950s.

Irene Torres

Born in Lima, Peru. Irene moved to Canada, in the late 1980's. She grew up in the culturally diverse backdrop of the city of Toronto. Luckily, she was blessed with parents that had a deep appreciation for the arts. As a child, she performed and studied with various acting and dance troupes. She developed a quick love for music. At the age of twelve she began to sneak in listening sessions with her father's prized vinyl collection of The Doors. Despite the heavy grounding she was guaranteed if caught, Irene insists it was worth every stay-at-home weekend.

Frankie Foo and the Yo Yo Smugglers

A Toronto tradition! 12 years of SKA music in Toronto and still going strong with the sweet sounds of ska, rock steady and R & B

Evaristo Machado

Evaristo's recently released CD, 'Siempre Que Llueve...' (After the Rain)showcases Evaristo's roots in Cuban Trova, a style for singer-songwriters who accompany themselves on the guitar. This is a collection of poetic songs that focus on the lyrics, both personal and political, drawn from his experiences in Italy, Canada and of course, his native Cuba. Evaristo layers the Trova style with rock, urban, reggae and Afro-Cuban rhythms.

Rita di Ghent

“The coolest jazz diva on the scene” (Ottawa X-press)“…di Ghent is in the mold-breaking business, and has come up with a style all of her own called “sprawl….sharp, sassy, funky and even fashionable, di Ghent’s performance demonstrates that she can sing jazz in the traditional sense while also bringing her own more modern lyrical and vocal skills to the party.

Jorge Gavidia Latin Band

Jorge Gavidia is a multi instrumentalist (guitar, tres, mandolin, piano), arranger, composer and educator. He began studying music in high school when he picked up the tenor saxophone and guitar. Throughout high school he played saxophone in the school's concert band and guitar in the jazz band. During his final high school concert he was awarded the most improved senior music student award. At night and on weekends Jorge began his professional career performing shows at the age of 17 with the band Black Lotus.

Mario Munoz

Mario Munoz, a chilean-canadian "trovador" borned in Valparaiso on the 2nd of August in 1981. At the age of 14 he got the chance to listen to the musics of Silvio Rodriguez, Los Tres, Nirvana where the acoustic guitar was the dominant instrument in this styles. It wasn't hard to get connected with the guitar because his grant uncle was a guitarrist himself and taught this young songwriter the first cords on the guitar. Six months later Mario was emigrating to Canada where he even got closer to the guitar which at that time was his closest friend.


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