Edmar Castaneda

Edmar Castaneda Colombia harpist, was born in 1978, in Bogotá, Colombia. Since moving to the United States in 1994, Edmar has quite literally taken New York and the world stage by storm with the sheer force of his virtuosic command of the harp—revolutionizing the way audiences and critics alike consider an instrument commonly relegated to the “unusual category”. A master at realizing beautiful complexities of time, while skillfully drawing out lush colors and dynamic spirit.


“If Dizzy Gillespie were still with us, he would love CaneFire” Vancouver Sun

“CaneFire is sweeter than Caroni brown sugar and don’t doubt me” Trinidad Guardian

Toronto-based Caribbean jazz powerhouse CaneFire is NOT your grandfather’s jazz band. As one of the most explosive and energetic jazz ensembles on the planet, CaneFire delivers a rollicking, high-octane show combining the white-hot energy of Cuban rhythm, the blinding musicianship of modern jazz, and the unbridled joy of the music of the Caribbean.

Mike Essoudry's Mashed Potato Mashers

Mike Essoudry's Mash Potato Mashers are a unique 9 piece parade style band from Ottawa. The band's repertoire draws on dancing and parade traditions from around the world. Balkan, Klezmer, Brazilian, New Orleans Funk traditions and a bit of old country hollers are all represented. 2 drummers and 7 horn players, a bit of punk delivery and you have a mobile dance party that grooves. You'll dance, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll ... you'll .... you'll just have to come!

Gord Sheard's Brazilian Jazz Experience

Powerhouse Pianist GORDON SHEARD and His Star-Studded ‘BRAZILIAN JAZZ EXPERIENCE’ Tentet
create a Carnival mood featuring some of the jazz scene’s leading instrumental voices:


One of Canada's premiere dub, reggae & electro artist / producers & 2010 JUNO Award Winner for Best Reggae Recording.

Wilbur Sagunaraj

Musical Sensation and performing artist , Wilbur Sargunaraj is one of the most original talents the music industry has ever seen. His self titled and self released debut album “Wilbur Sargunaraj” continues to rake in impressive reviews while the super hits “Love Marriage” and “Cricket” have people across the globe begging for more. With the release of Wilbur’s video for “Love Marriage” on YouTube, he saw over 100,000 views the first week, and has already sailed past 800,000. He has just launched his sophomore album "Simple Superstar" and is now looking towards the film industry.

Roberto Linares Brown

One of Cuba's most talented arrangers and composers, Linares Brown began his career with Cuban groups Valentin y Los Del Caribe, Azucar Negra and Adalberto Alvarez. He was a catalyst for the creation of Lula Lounge's popular Havana Norte series which has featured a who's who of Toronto-based Cuban musicans. Linares Brown has been contributing to the series since 2006 performing original compositions that became the basis of his brilliant 2008 solo release, "Que No Se Pierda La Essencia".

Luanda Jones

Brazilian singer/songwriter Luanda Jones presents a unique blend of bossa nova, funk, jazz and samba exploring the Brazilian classics as well as Jones' own finely-crafted original compositions. Luanda launched her highly- acclaimed debut CD Aquarella earlier this year.


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