Gordon Grdina's Haram

Sun Jun 25 9:00pm
Ticket Price: 
$10 cover at the door

Gordon Grdina-oud, Emad Armoush-vocals/Ney, Tim Gerwing -darbuka, Liam MacDonald-riq, François Houle - clarinet, Tommy Babin - bass, Kenton Loewen - drums, Christopher Kelly -Sax, JP Carter - trumpet, Jesse Zubot - violin

Led by Gordon Grdina, Haram was formed in 2008 as a large ensemble vehicle to study and perform Arabic repertoire that Grdina had been performing in small groups. Though more publicly known for his guitar playing, he also plays the Iraqi oud.

Approaching Haram as a listener is a juxtaposing intention. Its traditional foundation feels familiar but avoids the kitsch of a simple homage band. The music developed over time and has reached that sublime state of effortless cohesion while retaining its sense of wild abandon. The repertoire starts with Iraqi folk music and ends at the mid-century era of Egyptian radio music in which Oum Khalsoum and Farid Al Atrash reigned.

The sheer size of the band aside, trying to collect this ambitious selection of players in the same place and time is a feat.There isn’t a band around that can conjure up the same sense of respect and homage while being explosively self-expressive. Haram is a powerhouse ensemble playing a repertoire that has been revered by millions over decades.

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