New Tradition Music

Sat Jun 30 5:15pm
Ticket Price: 
Free Admission

Co-presented with CBC Music as part of our JUNO 365 celebration

Ruben Esguerra - Gaita/Vox/Bongo/Bell
Jorge Cantor - Tambora/Beatbox/Vox/Dance
Luis Orbegozo - Alegre/Conga/Vox/Trombone
Adam Solomon - Guitar
Melissa Noventa - Vox/Hand Percussion/Dance
Juan Esguerra - DJ/Vox/Dance

New Tradition Music Is an interactive performance project that explores the concepts of tradition and modernity through the production of a multidisciplinary performance featuring spoken word, music, songs, dance and design. While creating bridges across musical genres, the original compositions incorporate ancient instruments such as the 2000 plus year old indigenous kuisi bunsi flute (a.k.a. Colombian gaita) with more recent instruments such as the turntables. With the use of a human beatboxer and a DJ as essential elements of the bands sonic identity the ensemble can maintain its original sound while performing with as many as thirteen musicians all the way down to three, making the show adaptable to various performance contexts.

Ancestral musical styles + urban cultural expressions = New Tradition

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