Only A Visitor

TD Emerging Artist
Fri Jun 30 4:00pm
Ticket Price: 
Free Admission

Robyn Jacob (keyboard, vocals), Celina Kurz (vocals), Emma Postl (vocals), Kevin Romain (Drums), Jeff Gammon (Bass)

Fronted by composer / arranger Robyn Jacob, Vancouver’s Only A Visitor is described as “one of the most fascinating and singular musical projects to come out of Vancouver in recent memory” (Discorder Magazine). The quintet is redefining West Coast avant-pop music with songs that focus on vocal harmonies, as they try to take over the traditionally grounding role of the keyboards, bass and
drums. The band is often compared with Bjork or the Dirty Projectors. Jacob’s eclectic songwriting is guided by her decades-long study in piano and her commitment to avant garde new music, as well as her study of Balinese Gamelan. Only A Visitor’s newest release Tower Temporary blazes new trails between pop and experimental music, and follows previously acclaimed releases Climb the Glass Mountain (2014) and Of Course the Journey (2012), released under the name Fist Full o’ Snacks. Only A Visitor has performed at festivals such as Artswells, Campbell Bay Music Festival, The Field, and the Vancouver International Jazz Festival. In February 2017, recorded their full length album Lines, which will be released in June, followed by a Canadian tour.

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