Sambacana with special guest Babi Mendes from São Paulo

Wed Jun 28 8:00pm
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Free Admission

Sambacana Featuring Babi Mendes
Babi Mendes - vocal
Filó Machado - vocals/guitar
Tico Souza - piano
Braxton Raymond - woodwinds
Alan Hetherington- drums
Ross MacIntyre - bass

Babi Mendes is a 'Jane-of-all-trades' on jazz vocals. Born in Santos – Brazil, she swings like a timeless diva without breaking away from her Brazilian jazz roots, bossa nova and chorinho. At the peak of her prolific and diversified career - also as a songwriter - Babi decided to move from Brazil to Toronto and brought along with her a large container of diverse sonorities ranging from upbeat sambas to the Great American Songbook, her own startling melodic songs and her knack for thought-provoking lyrics.

The singer/songwriter has been nominated for several awards, including “Best Album in a Foreign Language” in Brazil (singing in English) for her debut work called “Short Stories” – in which she teamed up with the renowned American composer Tom Grant; the album was released in Japan and made a splash among her local growing jazz fanbase.

Babi and Tom's song Winter Bossa Nova has been featured in two TV series: Netflix's Bloodline and Fox's Rosewood.

Babi is heavily influenced by Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Elis Regina, Tom Jobim, Rosa Passos, among others. Her bilingual singing skills have been dazzling audiences as well as her Brazilianesque jazzy voice and repertoire.

Her partnership with the acoustic guitar wizard Filo Machado started in 2012 in Brazil. Babi’s seasoned voice serves Filo’s fresh arrangements beautifully. It’s a dream to have these two great Brazilian artists team up again here in Toronto.

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