Swing vs. Street

Sun Jun 23 6:15pm
Ticket Price: 
Free Admission


Matt Woroshyl: woodwinds
Victor Ray: Keyboards
Julian Clarke: Drums
Malcolm Connor: Basses

KeepRockinYou is an artist-based collective that seeks to inspire young women by generating new avenues for them to grow, become empowered and stay true to themselves.

Judi Lopez is the founder and Project director of KeepRockinYou. She has actively been involve in the Hip Hop Culture and dancing since the early 2000's. Since Returning to Toronto from South Korea and the UK, Judi has been committed to the development of the B-girl community by starting the project The Toronto B-Girl Movement in 2012. Judi has danced for Rihanna and was a featured character in Lost Girl Canadian series. Although still a student to the craft, Judi is grateful for all the lessons learned and thankful for all the opportunities given, and blessed to have the opportunity to teach others not only the art but also the knowledge.

Jazz Money is a Toronto based trio that began busking in the summer of 2013, sharing the music they love with their city right at the ground level. Embracing many styles of music including jazz, world folk songs, and hip-hop, they've continued to turn heads with their unique and infectious sound. Though they began as a street band, nowadays Jazz Money can be heard in venues all over Toronto, backing up the hottest MCs and singers in the city. With a collaborative hip-hop album in the works featuring some of Canada's finest MCs, they're committed to reaching for new artistic heights while remaining a versatile band.

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