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The Artistic Director's Guide is our way of taking you "beyond the bio". Here you'll find audio and video clips, and I'll describe what I like about each artist and suggest why he or she is important to the scene. So dive in—use the menu options above to find an artist, and let's seek to answer "What's so good about...?"

Josh Grossman, Artistic Director
Toronto Downtown Jazz

What the heck is the Coltrane Ballads project?

Toronto will be host to a unique show when Daniel Jamieson presents his Coltrane Ballads project this Monday, September 30 at the Al Green Theatre. I asked Daniel to tell me more about the project.

What's so good about Carmen Souza?

Carmen Souza

It may sound a bit odd to say "a good singer has to have a good voice".

What's so good about Dr. Lonnie Smith?

Dr. Lonnie Smith

When discussions about musicians take place, there is a tendency to talk about how many notes a musician can play, the speed with which those notes are played, and the force with which they are emitte

What's so good about Jason Moran?

Jason Moran

In preparing for this instalment of the Artistic Director's Guide to Jazz, I referred to a blog posting I wrote a few years back in which I mention Jason Moran. Here's what I wrote:

What's so good about Pino Daniele?

Pino Daniele

Every once in a while the opportunity comes along for us to book an artist from overseas who, for one reason or another, hasn't been on our radar. This year, Pino Daniele was that artist.

What's so good about Bettye LaVette?

Bettye LaVette

What makes a singer stand out? When does it become clear that a particular singer has got the goods?

What's so good about David Sanborn, Bob James and Steve Gadd?

David Sanborn

Let me start here, from the collective's bio:

What's so good about Trombone Shorty?

Okay, I have to admit something. If I'm going to write about Trombone Shorty, it inevitably will be tinged somewhat with envy. Or jealousy.

What's so good about John McLaughlin?

John McLaughlin is, quite simply, one of the most important guitarists to have contributed to the jazz scene in the past fifty years.

What's so good about Hadar Noiberg?

It is said that you are judged by the company you keep. If the idiom was applied to Israeli-born flautist Hadar Noiberg, the result would be overwhelmingly positive. Although she may be a new name, you'll certainly recognize some of her musical collaborators: she is a founding member of the jazz/world fusion group Yemen Blues, and has shared the stage with Anat Cohen, Omer Avital, Joel Frahm, Rufus Reid and many more. However, Hadar Noiberg stands perfectly well on her own.

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