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The Immersive Artist-in-Residence Initiative (the Residency) is an initiative created by Toronto Downtown Jazz (TDJ), producers of the annual TD Toronto Jazz Festival, through which one or two emerging and/or mid-career artists are paid a monthly stipend to develop a new project, lead/participate in regular TDJ outreach and engagement activity, and prepare for a Festival performance.

The Residency, which aims to support artist development and provide the resources required to undertake a new artistic endeavour, will run from January to June, 2022.


  • The Residency is open to Toronto-based individual musicians who perform jazz or jazz-related music. For the purposes of this application, a “Toronto-based musician” is defined as a musician whose permanent address has a postal code beginning with M.
  • The Residency will support one or two musicians who self-identify as either “emerging” or “mid-career”, and who are recognized by their peers as active members of the Toronto jazz scene.
  • The Residency runs from January 1, 2022 to the date of the artist’s performance at the 2022 TD Toronto Jazz Festival (latest July 3, 2022), and the project as described in the application must be completed by the end date.
  • The Residency aims to support new projects; projects which are already in development – but have not yet been premiered – are also eligible.
  • The Residency is meant to directly support individual musicians and, as such, is not open to applications from venues, schools, festivals, artist agents or managers, management companies, record labels or distribution companies.

The submission deadline is October 22, 2021 at 5:00 pm.

How it works

The Residency aims to provide the resources required to undertake a new artistic endeavour – a project which may have been waiting for an extra financial push or a clear deadline. Projects could include, but are not limited to:

  • The creation of a new body of work
  • Working with new personnel
  • Developing educational materials
  • Developing new approaches to performance practice

Over the six months, participating artists will work towards completing their project, which is expected to be presented as part of a performance at the 2022 TD Toronto Jazz Festival, and participate in additional TDJ activity.

  • Each month, the artist will be paid a stipend of $1000 for their participation in the Residency, for a total stipend of $6000 CAD. A fee for the Festival performance will be negotiated separately, and is not included in the Residency stipend; Festival performance fee will be based on current Toronto Musicians’ Association General Scale Fees. (All payments plus HST, if applicable.)
  • The creation of new repertoire is expected to be a part of the project; that new repertoire is expected to be premiered as part of the artist’s Festival performance.
  • The Residency will run from January 1, 2022 until the date of the artist’s performance at the 2022 TD Toronto Jazz Festival (latest July 3, 2022), and the project as described in the application must be completed by the Residency’s end date.

In addition, over the course of the Residency, selected artists are expected to:

  • Provide regular updates on the progress of the project, via some combination of blog posts, social media posts and interviews (print, on-air, online)
  • Lead/participate as an instructor in TDJ-led educational initiatives AND/OR
  • Lead/participate as a panelist in TDJ-led professional development initiatives.

As part of the application process you will be asked to propose the types of outreach/education/professional development initiatives in which you would like to be involved.

Support offered

Participants in the Residency will be offered financial and marketing support including:

  • A $6000 CAD stipend, to be paid monthly ($1000 per month; all payments plus HST if applicable)
  • A featured article in a TDJ e-newsletter (more than 12,000 subscribers)
  • Coverage on the dedicated Immersive Artist-in-Residence page on our website (
  • A dedicated TDJ press release, sent out to all of the local major jazz media
  • Mentions on the Toronto Jazz Festival Facebook (more than 9,000 likes) and Twitter (more than 22,000 followers) pages
  • A performance opportunity at the 2022 TD Toronto Jazz Festival (fee for this performance to be negotiated separately from the Residency stipend, and will be based on current Toronto Musicians’ Association General Scale Fees)
  • Inclusion of the Festival performance in our printed brochure (80,000 copies distributed throughout the city) and on our website

Application Process

Submissions to the Residency must be made online using the online submission form. Applications are not accepted by mail, fax or email.

All submissions must include audio or video support material as outlined in the application. It is your responsibility to submit recordings of the highest possible quality, and to ensure that support material plays properly on its required platform.

Please do not include additional support material such as press clippings, photos, etc.

Applications must be received by 5:00 p.m. on the deadline date. Early submissions are encouraged. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.

The submission deadline is October 22, 2021 at 5:00 pm

Selection Process

One or two musicians will be selected from eligible applications by a committee made up of members of the local jazz community (which may include performers, presenters, radio personalities and educators, among others). Applications will be evaluated based in part on the following criteria, and keeping in mind TDJ’s commitment to equity, inclusion and diversity:

  • The project’s overall artistic merit
  • The feasibility of the proposed project – is it likely to be completed as described in the time allotted for the Residency?
  • The strength of the proposed additional involvement (participation in TDJ-led outreach/education/professional development initiatives)
  • Special consideration will be given to proposals which seem to stretch the artist – by introducing new elements to their performance practice, exploring new compositional elements, introduce them to new artistic collaborators, etc. Be creative in your project proposal!

All applicants will be notified of the results by October 29, 2021.

Conditions of Support

Successful applicants are required to sign a written agreement outlining the following conditions of their participation in the Residency:

  • Successful applicants must include recognition of Toronto Downtown Jazz (TDJ) wherever possible. The TDJ logo (to be provided by TDJ) must appear on all promotional, print and online materials related to the project., along with the following phrase:

    “This project is made possible in part by Toronto Downtown Jazz through their Immersive Artist-in-Residence Initiative”

  • Participating artists retain all rights to any materials created by the artists as part of the Residency, but also agree to:
    - Include, on any materials created as part of the Residency, the phrase: “Created with the generous support of Toronto Downtown Jazz through their Immersive Artist-in-Residence Initiative”
    - Allow photo, audio and video footage of their project and project participants to be used, in print, on radio and online, for promotional purposes only, in perpetuity, with no additional compensation. Footage will not be sold or used for any commercial purpose without written consent.
  • Changes to the nature of the project must be reported promptly to TDJ. Depending on the scope of the changes, TDJ may decide to terminate the agreement. In addition, if at any time during the Residency, TDJ feels that an artist is not meeting their obligations under the terms of the Residency, TDJ may decide to terminate the agreement. Concerns will always to listed in writing, and the artist will always have the opportunity to address concerns.
  • The stipend will be paid out monthly, $1000/month, for a total stipend of $6000 (all payments plus HST, if applicable). Selection for the Residency does not create any Employer-Employee relationship between TDJ and the participants – selected artists will be considered independent contractors and as such TDJ and its Directors will not be responsible for any health or welfare expenses and it will be each artist’s sole obligation to submit all appropriate taxes.
  • All successful applicants must provide to TDJ, upon request, an assessment of their Residency experience.

Ready to apply? Use the online submission form. You can also download a copy of the application package, for your reference. (Remember: submissions are not accepted by mail, fax or email.)

For more information about the Immersive Artist-in-Residence program, please contact Artistic Director Josh Grossman at [email protected].

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