Benjamin Thomas' interview with Hiromi

The TDJ News Corps members are gearing up for the festival, and have already started writing about the artists will have on stage this year. The first TDJ News Corps piece of 2014 is now online - an interview by Benjamin Thomas with Hiromi. Here's an abstract:

Jazz piano virtuoso Hiromi Uehara is a woman of few words and calm in conversation—a stark and surprising contrast to the feverish energy and pace of her inspired live performances. During my recent chat with Hiromi about her latest album, Alive (Telarc), the 35-year-old Japanese-born improviser and composer touched on topics beyond the realm of jazz, and never failed to surprise me with colourful responses that were peppered with bits of wisdom between the lines. Hiromi: The Trio Project—featuring Hiromi, bassist Anthony Jackson and drummer Simon Philips— plays on Tuesday June 24th at 8 p.m. in Koerner Hall. Be sure to check them out!

Read the full interview here.

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