The consummate musician

A great singer can take you places, give you chills and leave you hanging on to their every note. Bobby McFerrin and Dianne Reeves are two who do just that, and so much more.

Whether it's his unique, multi-octave voice, beatboxing or even body percussion, Bobby McFerrin breaks all the rules, blurring the lines between pop music and fine art. Even more evident is his joy of singing and passion for education. "I want audiences to leave the theatre and sing in their own kitchens the next morning. I want to bring audiences into the incredible feeling of joy and freedom I get when I sing." Don't miss him when he performs at the Festival, re-imagining Americana with beloved spirituals and original songs. Friday, June 27 - Nathan Phillips Square (Soul Nannies opens).

And read what Josh had to say about Dianne Reeves in the Artistic Director's Guide - her voice "is rich, full of colour and nuance...with a subtle shift in rhythm here, a note held there, she makes each tune her own, whether a jazz standard or something more contemporary... (she) ensures her note choice is always tasty and satisfying." Her approach to improvisation, her voice and the way in which she engages with the audience makes her a complete package. Tuesday, June 24 - Nathan Phillips Square (Brandi Disterheft open).
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