Luis Mario Ochoa Sextet

Hilario Duran (piano), Roberto Riveron (bass) Amhed Mitchel (drums) Luis Orbegoso (perc) tba (sax or flute)

Born in Havana, Cuba in April 6, 1963, Luis Mario’s earliest musical influences came from his father Luis Ochoa Sr. singer, guitarist and founding member of “Trio Voces de Oro”, one of Cuba’s most romantic ensembles. At the age of 11, Luis Mario began full time music studies at some of Havana’s most renowned conservatories. After 13 years of intense studies, he graduated with an Honors B.A. in classical guitar from the University of Havana’s Institute Superior of Arts (ISA). While most of his extensive learning was in the classical genre, his heart never abandoned his roots in “popular music”. In 1990 Luis Mario moved to Toronto, Canada, embracing the city as his new home. In 1992, he formed his band Cimarron, (See-mah-rón, meaning “free spirit”), and three years later recorded their first CD A La Cubana. Being one of the first recordings to emerge from Toronto’s Latin music scene, the album introduced Canadian audiences to the ensemble’s unique sound; tracks from this CD were featured on the TV series Traders.

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