Erica Rae Chong's review of Janelle Monae

In previous years, the TD Toronto Jazz Festival has banked on iconic acts such as Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin for opening night. For the 26th edition, programmers took a chance on up-and-coming singer/songwriter Janelle Monáe...Read the full story...

Erica Rae Chong's Lady Kane interview

Keeping a band together is no easy feat, but Toronto-based sextet Lady Kane has managed to keep it going for 10 years, wowing audiences with their danceable covers of well-known pop, rock and soul tunes...Read the full story...

Mike DeiCont's interview with Lorne Lofsky

Listening to veteran guitar player Lorne Lofsky is very much an adventure worth taking, especially when bass player Kieran Overs and drummer Barry Romberg are along for the ride. Lofsky likens it to “getting in a car and driving down a road that you haven’t been down before...Read the full story...

Marika Galea's interview with Jim Galloway

I had the fortune of checking in with former artistic director Jim Galloway for anecdotes about his time with the festival (1986 – 2008) and the scoop on the performers he is interviewing for the Ken Page Memorial Trust Inside Track series this year...Read the full story...

May 2012 e-news

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Video: When jazz meets pop

The Artistic Director's Guide to Jazz - Live!

This Sunday, May 13, Josh Grossman is joined by guest musician Colleen Allen to discuss the fusion of jazz and pop.

Video: Josh Talks Solo Jazz

The Artistic Director's Guide to Jazz - Live!

This Sunday, May 6, Josh Grossman is joined by pianist Chris Donnelly to discuss what it's like to play solo. Join them for the FREE chat, followed by a live jazz act.

April 2012 E-News

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