Stories From Home - Alex Pangman

Every week, we ask a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view. Through words, video and music, each musician will share their story, along with an audio or video sample of a recent project, and a link to purchase their music so that you can support their work.

This week, JUNO nominated vocalist Alex Pangman discusses her unique health challenges, the virtue of patience and the joys of making music, even when not in person.

"I'm a lung transplant recipient which makes me particularly vulnerable to Covid-19. On Doctor's advice, I'm staying very close to home & not playing in-person shows until such time as there is an effective vaccine. I’ve gone totally online for my shows, using a program that lets musicians play in realtime together from different locations. It’s connected us and been a much needed infusion of musical communication and catharsis. The pandemic has made me face the the sound of silence when a song ends.

I've learned to be patient. Patient with learning new technology, patient in awaiting for a vaccine. Also, one can potentially reach more people in a livestream than at some venues. I miss the exchange of energy that accompanies live applause but i’ve learned to just trust viewers are appreciating it.

I’ve explored new musical things that I can do in isolation (a must, due to my lung transplant). I recently hosted a CBC Radio 1 special, and I have a weekly show on which is a chance to re-connect with my record collection, learn, and be in the moment. I’ve found gratification in my band work with Drew Jurecka & Nathan Hiltz and we hope to record using the same program that allows us to interact in realtime. With my Alleycats sextet we did record by piecing together our parts remotely, under the direction of John MacLeod. It can be done! Music must be made!"

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