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Every week, we ask a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view. Through words, video and music, each musician will share their story, along with an audio or video sample of a recent project, and a link to purchase their music so that you can support their work.

This week, Bill King talks about feeling grateful for time, the inspiration of family, and the opportunity to reflect on his life's journey.

"I was just about to release my first book "Talk! Conversations in All Keys" – interviews with 72 icons of Canadian music, pop, jazz, folk, blues, etc when the pandemic struck. I had to rethink how to market. I decided word of mouth. Times were raw and sensitive. Secondly, my son Jesse and I had begun a music partnership as the J&B Kings and began releasing our take on funk/old school jams monthly. As the book began to take hold, I started working on "Talk 2, The Business" but quickly paused and decided to use the months before me writing a memoir of youth and early 60s, "Coming Through the ‘60s – and American Rock ‘n’ Road Story". Eight months locked to a desk eight hours a day.

Time is a gift. With three radio shows, a weekly column and playing live it was difficult focusing on a few things I hoped to complete. The book got done. Once that occurred Jesse and I became aware that time was blessing us with an abundance of new music. The loops he sent me were taking on a different personality more geared to my book and my back history. I created a new body of work, "Mondo Jumbo", brushed up on my recording and mixing chops and finished a complete album. This as Jesse was completing his latest, "Bombastic", due in New Year. Lastly, we also came through with "Brother Strut", an EP of the work we did as J&B Kings.

Now I’m on to "Talk 2, The Business – Conversations in All Keys" - 80 plus interviews with the likes of Roger Ashby, Bernie Finkelstein, John Derringer, Nicholas Jennings, Randy Lennox, Duff Roman, Ed Preston – those who built, wrote about, photographed, recorded and grew the music scene. Secondly, with the tremendous success of our Tuesday night radio show Soul Nation at JAZZ.FM91, we are putting in extra time hunting down new music and always freshening. Father and son are much alike. We don’t mess around. We run with the minutes before us."

You can purchase Bill's music from Bandcamp. His "Talk! Conversations in All Keys" and "Coming Through the ‘60s - an American Rock ‘n’ Road Story" are available from 7arts Press.

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