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Every week, we ask a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view. Through words, video and music, each musician will share their story, along with an audio or video sample of a recent project, and a link to purchase their music so that you can support their work.

This week, bassist, educator and band leader Rich Brown, talks about new artistic ventures, the importance of self-awareness, and finding a new way to use his voice (literally!).

"I was fortunate to have my job teaching at Humber College. But as part-time faculty, I had to figure out how to supplement that income without gigs. I've been teaching online and recording at home for various artists and producers. But the most surprising and exhilarating venture I've taken on during this pandemic has to be my YouTube channel, 'The Brown'stone,' where I post bass lessons weekly. The channel has grown rapidly over the last few months, with over 8,000 subscribers and still growing. It has also captured the attention of two major publications,, and Bass Player Magazine. Both have asked me to join their teams as a regular contributor. Oddly enough, it's been an extremely busy time despite the lockdown.

I've learned a few things during this time. First, I've learned to keep myself motivated and busy. I know myself, and I know it would've been very easy for me to slip into a state of perpetual lethargy during this time. So I created projects and challenged myself to keep from wasting the days away. I practiced more, cooked more often, started a regular workout didn't take long before my to-do list was almost always full. Because of this, I've also learned to take better care of myself - mind and body. But I think most musicians and artists have had to learn to self-produce and self-promote during this time. I've been doing a lot of research on recording for audio and video. I think this will change the way we work moving forward.

Aside from being a new contributor with NoTreble and Bass Player, and the new YouTube channel 'The Brown'stone,' I've been doing quite a bit of voiceover work for JazzFM. This work is super-exciting for me. You'll be hearing my voice a lot on JazzFM in just a few weeks. My friend Dani Elwell made the offer to me, and I leaped at the chance. What an honour!

There have been many incredible opportunities presented to me over the last 18 months, but I'm particularly anxious and excited to get out there and play again. I can't wait to get back to work with my band, and there may be a few solo bass shows lined up for the near future. I will most definitely keep everyone posted."

Support Rich by purchasing his music at Bandcamp:

Here's an example of Rich's work from his "The Brown'stone" YouTube channel:

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