Stories From Home - Stich Wynston

Every week, we ask a different local artist to provide their unique perspective on the pandemic experience from a musician’s point of view. Through words, video and music, each musician will share their story, along with an audio or video sample of a recent project, and a link to purchase their music so that you can support their work.

This week, Stich Wynston, drummer and co-leader of The Shuffle Demons, talks about the void left by the cancellation of live performance, finding gratitude, and the drive to continue creating.

"Once the pandemic set in, all live playing and touring vanished and with the notable exception of the TD Toronto Jazz Festival online concerts, there was very little opportunity to play at all. Economically, CERB helped immeasurably, but it was hard to fill the void left by performing live, making people happy and effortlessly living in the moment as we do when we're onstage.

The pandemic has certainly been challenging, but has been a good opportunity to learn. I’ve learned to be patient and wait for things to return to normal. I’ve learned to have deep gratitude for healthcare workers and all front line workers, from retail to delivery to city services.

With the help of Factor, the Shuffle Demons produced a fun new video called "Crazy Time". It was great to get back to making a video again and working with a team to produce a new project. And with support from the Canada Council for the Arts we recorded a brand new all instrumental CD for release in the late summer."

Support Stich and The Shuffle Demons by purchasing their music at Bandcamp:

Here's the Factor-supported "Crazy Time":

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