What's so good about Darcy James Argue?

Okay - full disclosure. I run a big band, which means I'm predisposed to liking big bands. And I've played one of Darcy's charts, which means I'm predisposed to liking his music. And I've seen the Secret Society several times, which means I'm predisposed to liking the band.

But none of that should matter because regardless of predispositions or biases, it's all fantastic stuff.

What's so good about Lettuce?


When I took acting classes in high school (stay with me - I'll make it all connect), our teacher taught us that there is acting, and there is acting at something. If someone is truly acting, the audience believes the actor is actually another character. If someone is acting at something, the audience can tell that they're watching an actor onstage pretending to be someone else. Similarly, in music, there's a big difference between bands which pretend to play in a certain style and bands who know a certain style inside and out.

Yoshihiro Murakawa Quartet

Performing as part of the Youth Jazz Showcase - June 28 11am-2pm at the Toronto Star Stage


Sat Jun 28 11:00am
Lunchtime Concerts
Presenting Sponsors - City & Ken Page Memorial Trust
Free Admission

What the heck is the Coltrane Ballads project?

Toronto will be host to a unique show when Daniel Jamieson presents his Coltrane Ballads project this Monday, September 30 at the Al Green Theatre. I asked Daniel to tell me more about the project.

Christian Li Group from Berklee College of Music

The Christian Li Group plays with a dynamism that breaks down intricate structures into free-floating energy. Compositions are written for and informed by each member of the group. Their idiosyncrasies and diverse backgrounds feed a music that exists for and because of those who experience it. Members of the band are Christian Li, piano; Matthew Halpin, tenor; Zach Brown, bass; Sergio Martinez, percussion; and Roberto Giaquinto, drums.

The National Youth Jazz Combo

2014 National Youth Jazz Combo
Director: Kirk MacDonald

Harrison Argatoff (Kelowna), tenor sax
Zachary Stuckey (Mississauga), guitar
Ben Heard (Ottawa), bass
Daniel Guerrette (Toronto), drums


Sat Jun 28 11:00am
Lunchtime Concerts
Presenting Sponsors - City & Ken Page Memorial Trust
Free Admission

Sarah Jerrom

Sarah Jerrom is a Toronto-based vocalist, composer, lyricist, and arranger whose music reflects a mix of eclectic and diverse influences. She is involved as a leader and collaborator in several improvising projects that include jazz, creative music, folk, roots, and Irish music. As a composer, Sarah has written pieces for her own nine-piece chamber jazz group “The Yeats Project” which features music set to the poetry of W.B. Yeats.

Jaron Freeman-Fox and the Opposite of Everything

Described as “Gogol Bordello meets The Mothers of Invention”, or “Tom Waits playing the fiddle while fronting The Mahavishnu Orchestra” Jaron Freeman-Fox & The Opposite of Everything somehow combine bluegrass with Indian music, afro-beat with sea shanties, or klezmer with the blues, and make it sound like the most natural thing in the world.

Who, exactly, is Kneebody?


On Kneebody's website, the bio for the Grammy-nominated, jazz-rock quintet is understandably vague: trying to summarize their music in one neat sentence (or paragraph) is no easy task. What I can tell you, is this:

  • They released their first album in 2005 on Dave Douglas' Greenleaf Music label
  • Their 2009 release, with Theo Bleckmann singing music composed and inspired by Charles Ives, earned the group a Grammy nomination
  • Trumpeter Shane Endsley has been named one of the Top 25 trumpeters of his generation by Downbeat Magazine


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