Painted Lady


218 Ossington Avenue
M6J 2Z9 Toronto , ON
Ontario CA

We're advocates for, and support, live music and independent, original artists. We showcase live music here between 5-7 nights a week. We have killer DJs as well. We're not your typical neighbourhood haunt, but we are the friendly, neighbourly home of all kinds of rock'nroll, soul, funk, Motown, punk, outlaw country, new wave, blues, western swing, blue-jazz-grass, big band-swing jazz, New Orleans brass funk, ska, reggae, bebop, blues, trance, hiphop, heavy metal, glam, garage, surf-rock, rockabilly, pop, as in Popular Music throughout the ages... mostly through the 1900's and 2000's,

WE'RE ALSO THE HOME OF great HOMEMADE FOOD, well-made DRINKS, No-attitude SERVICE, and a helping hand and a kind word when you need it.

Our 'Open Mic Mondays', our Fridays & Saturday Nights, our delicious 'South of The Mason-Dixon Line PULLED PORK SANDWICH' (which will compete with anything in The Southern States by the way), our tasty & very addictive 'WHITE TRASH NACHOS', our especially great CAESAR, dubbed 'Jess' The Painted Lady's Sunday Afternoon - Anytime Really - Hangover Cure Caesar' have all garnered a cult following... And, among other things, we're known for throwing a great party.

Not wheelchair accessible

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