Jaymz Bee

Jaymz Bee is a Canadian musician, entertainer, writer, producer and radio personality. His last gig before going freelance was at JAZZ.FM91 as an on-air host and producer. Jaymz is also a writer and singer with “The Tiki Collective”, the electro-pop band “Bonzai Suzuki” and music producer for Vesuvius Music Inc. and Happy Fingers Music. He is an emcee for charity galas and corporate events, a freelance publicist and writes freelance for various magazines and websites. Over the past few decades Bee has worn many hats including: night club owner, art gallery curator, commercial and music director, special events coordinator and best-selling author.

As a recording artist, Jaymz was lead vocalist with Look People from 1984 to 1994 and released five albums on various labels over nine years. The band toured throughout Europe and North America including dates with Lollapalooza, concerts to a crowd of 20,000 people at The St. Gallen Open Air Festival in Switzerland and many soft seat theatres and seedy nightclubs. While in Europe Bee also recorded with a number of indie bands in Switzerland and Liechtenstein. After the final Look People show at the Palomino Club in North Hollywood, Bee turned to lounge and big band music for the next decade. The Royal Jelly Orchestra formed after creating a three song demo with multi-instrumentalist and arranger Jono Grant and within six months released their debut, self-titled CD on Nepotism Records. He then was President and A&R for “Leisure Lab/BMG”. He released four albums, three for the RJO; most notably their best seller “Cocktails: Shakin’ & Stirred” which sold over thirty thousand copies and was available in parts of Europe and most of North and South America on BMG Records. The RJO still perform at corporate events, private parties, award shows and charity galas but haven’t recorded in years.

At the turn of the century, 1999, Jaymz collaborated on a project called “The Deep Lounge Coalition” with long-time friend Dave Howard on a recording for Oglio Records in California. The CD “Sub Urban” features easy listening versions of urban hits by artists like Outkast, Wu Tang Clan and Snoop Dogg. It is available on Apple/iTunes. Then, in 2010, Jaymz began a new project with Dave Howard called Bonzai Suzuki. The band features Bee’s drummer (and collaborator for over 20 years!) Great Bob Scott, Sahra Featherstone on flute and electric violin and a variety of vocalists who sing electronic pop tunes which blend eighties sensibilities with a 21st Century twist. The band released their second CD “Everything Leads To Everything Else” in 2016; they are currently on hiatus.

As an author, Jaymz wrote the bestselling book “Cocktail Parties For Dummies” for IDG Books Worldwide. He toured North America promoting the book while hosting cocktail competitions across the continent for Smirnoff... all the while showing off his battery-operated blender which was part of a sponsorship deal with Black & Decker. As a result of constant touring, press junkets, radio and TV work, Jaymz was offered his own cruise of the Caribbean. The Jaymz Bee Floating Cocktail Party had 850 people purchase tickets at $1,200 a piece for eight days checking out Islands like Tortola, St. Kitts and St. Marten. Since then he has never stopped taking people on holidays and tours, whether it’s business or pleasure - he enjoys showing people the sights and sounds of places he’s visited.

Bee has written several screenplays, a musical and countless songs. Most lyrics have been recorded by his own bands but on occasion he's written for others. Bee is currently writing his memoirs... look for "Compulsive Disclosure Disorder" coming soon and meanwhile you can always pick up his latest book of poetry entitled “Cosmic Fishing” on Insomniac Press.

Jaymz has worked for most Canadian TV networks and many radio stations including CBC, Global, Prime, City TV, BPM, Much Music, Bravo, CFRB 1010, AM640 and JAZZ.FM91.

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