Amber Mark

  • June 25, 2022
  • 8:45 pm
  • TD Main Stage - The Block



  • Amber Mark
  • lead vocals
  • Josh Hari
  • bass, music director
  • Joy Morales
  • keyboards, vocals
  • Corey Sanchez
  • guitar
  • Tim Smith
  • drums, vocals

In 2019, Amber Mark was in her bedroom in New York, working through a thicket of feelings. The multi-talented performer couldn’t shake a lingering sense of imposter syndrome. “I was questioning myself a lot, in terms of being an artist, a producer, a singer, a writer. I felt like I could do all of those things, but I couldn’t do any of them really well.” Even with hundreds of millions of streams, a co-sign from Sade and two successful projects to her name by her mid-twenties, she still felt unsure.

And so she poured those worries into the sumptuous, soulful single “Worth It”, which unpacks how quick we can all be to judge ourselves. Its message of self-love serves as a personal mantra for Amber. More than that, its self-affirming outlook anchors her highly anticipated debut album, Three Dimensions Deep, due out on EMI/PMR Records. Her trademark husky vocals blow like delicate smoke over self-produced beats on this breathtaking, sonically diverse body of work that tells a story split into three segments: Part 1: WITHOUT, Part 2: WITHHELD, and Part 3: WITHIN. In the album, she moves from insecurity (part 1) to forced confidence (part 2) to an understanding of her place in the world (closing out, in part 3).

You hear the fruits of that labour in the honesty revealed on Three Dimensions Deep. Amber has never shied away from complicated emotions. She first wowed listeners in 2017 with EP 3:33am, delving into grieving the tragic death of her mother. In 2018, she turned to the intricacies of romantic love on the deeply rich, multi-genre Conexão EP. And throughout 2020 she delighted fans with sensuous, trap-inflected single “Generous”, her Covered-19 lockdown project – a daringly varied collection of covers, plus original “1894” – and Radio 1-playlisted protest song “You’ve Got to Feel” with Empress Of. By early 2021, Amber had added her vocal prowess to UK DJ-producer Paul Woolford’s piano-house bop “Heat”, which stood firm on the UK Official Charts for three months and soared onto Radio 1, Radio 2 and Capital FM’s playlists.