Brooke Blackburn Organ Trio

  • June 25, 2022
  • 9:00 pm
  • The Gatsby at the Windsor Arms

Part of Tanqueray Late Nites at the TD Toronto Jazz Festival

Brooke Blackburn Organ trio (Ettienne Goshay and Blackburn) is a new project that presents Kingsley Ettiene on Organ, Sylvester Goshay on Drums and Brooke Blackburn on Guitar. This project came out of Brooke's hearing his father Bobby Dean Blackburn play organ from the mid 60’s to present day. That sound of the Hammond organ has defined a genre of music that was adopted from the gospel church and introduced to jazz lovers and also strongly introduced into secular music like rock & roll and rhythm & blues. The organ trios of Jimmy Smith and Wes Montgomery and Jimmy McGriff and George Benson have always resonated with bandleader Brooke Blackburn as the jazz sound.