Debi Botos Quintet

  • June 24, 2023
  • 2:30 pm
  • TD Village Stage
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From an early age, Debi Botos has cultivated an interest in Hungarian Gypsy music (where she was born). Now 27, as a self taught musician, Debi continues to explore and experiment with the sounds of the legendary Django Reinhardt. Through gigging around Toronto, playing festivals and concert halls in the US and growing up in a very musical Botos family, she has found a sound that is both contemporary and an homage to the greats. Some of her past and upcoming achievements include teaching at Django In June camp and performing at the prestigious Academy Of Music Theatre in Northampton, MA; teaching and performing at Django A GoGo and The Town Hall in Maplewood, NJ and New York City; performing at the Midwest Gypsy Swing Festival in Madison, WI; performing at JazzFM91 discover women in jazz and Sound Of Jazz Concert Series presented by JazzFM91 in Toronto; The TD Markham Jazz Festival as well as at Toronto TD Jazz Festival. She has also collaborated with some of the contemporary giants of this genre which include Samson Schmitt, Ludovic Beier and Stephane Wrembel.

Incorporating colourful and inventive sounds from her Hungarian Gypsy roots to the music of Django Reinhardt, she has written multiple compositions fusing both these styles and creates a very enjoyable atmosphere that feel electric, traditional yet modern and continues to amaze her audiences across the globe.