Denielle Bassels

  • June 22, 2024
  • 5:00 pm
  • TD Village Stage



Denielle Bassels is a celebrated and captivating international chanteuse, and songwriter who seamlessly blends jazz and pop into an unforgettable musical experience. Her second studio album firmly establishes her as a standout artist in the contemporary music scene. Recently nominated for a Juno Award for Best Vocal Jazz Album of the Year, Denielle's music resonates with audiences, drawing them in with its nostalgic swing-era charm fused with modern sensibilities. Lenny Stout describes her performance as "she lit up the joint like a six-alarm blaze”. Bassels will be backed by her usual talented lineup of musicians including bassist Russ Boswell, guitarist Julien Bradley Combs, and drummer Glenn Anderson, along with some special guests. Denielle crafts performances that are both dynamic and emotionally resonant. Her powerful voice, reminiscent of jazz icons like Ella Fitzgerald and Norah Jones, delivers solid heart punches and leaves a lasting impression.