Jerusa Leao and Band

  • June 27
  • 7:30 pm
  • TD Main Stage - OLG Grove
  • Free

As part of the Lulaworld showcase


Jerusa is a champion who survives through her own skill and faith. Over the course of a decade, she has cultivated several impressive musical projects that span different genres and across continents. These musical projects showcase Brazilian music and culture. One such project is the half-Canadian, half-Brazilian band Maria and The Band ( Jerusa holds the position of the artistic director, singer and instrumentalist of Maria and The Band.

She has also been working as a DJ under the names 'Djerus' and 'Jerus Nazdaq'. Her musical style- influenced by world ethnic music and collection of electronic music-has been enjoyed in cultural events and festivals throughout Brazil, Canada, France and USA.

Her sound is a mix of alternative psychedelic rock, and a fusion of world music from both North and South America. The band counts with João Leão on the keys, May on sax, Andrew Pacheco on bass and Matias Recharte on drums and percussion. Together, they are able to collaborate together considering their different backgrounds which can count with members from Japan, Peru, Brazil and Canada.