Nastasia Y

  • July 1, 2023
  • 5:00 pm
  • TD Main Stage - OLG Grove
Global Sounds


Born in Ukraine, Nastasia Y [nas-TA-s’yah] blends folk tradition with futuristic ideals. Inspired by the vibrant, multicultural city of Toronto that she now calls home, Nastasia seamlessly fuses pop, jazz, and Slavic ancestral sounds into her music.

Nastasia grew up in Kyiv to the soundtrack of the Ukrainian resistance songs her late father would sing. After moving to Canada, she completed a jazz piano degree, fell in love with soul and Motown music, and released her first original album “Set The Water Straight” in English (as Stacey Y). She then went back to creatively embracing her culture with projects such as DoVira, BLISK, and many other collaborations.

Now primarily releasing under the name Nastasia Y, her music combines all of her influences and features some of the most renowned musicians in Canada. Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Nastasia has been tirelessly volunteering and advocating for her country, using her music as the vehicle for her activism.