re.verse with Phoenix Pagliacci

  • June 27, 2023
  • 8:45 pm
  • TD Main Stage - OLG Grove
Fresh Sounds



re.verse is a dynamic collective of multi-instrumentalist performer/ producers based in Toronto, whose shared mission is to explore the depths of creative potential and spirit that lie at the natural intersection of their musical roots - jazz and hip hop, in their many manifestations and permutations. Their influences draw heavily on a diverse proliferation of soulful music genres and trends that span 60+ years of urban music, while tying them all together with a bold and singular approach that owes itself to the duality of rich structure and infectious spontaneity which have always permeated both jazz and hip hop traditions in tandem.

Phoenix Pagliacci is an artist and activist. Born and raised in Toronto, Canada, Phoenix began her artistic journey at the age of 6. Learning the piano and developing her singing/songwriting, Phoenix learned of her love for music from her family.

As a teenager, Phoenix attended Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts. There, she excelled as a performer and furthered her craft as an artist. Phoenix participated in the school’s annual variety shows and was recognized as a unique talent by her peers and staff.

Phoenix has performed across North America and written and performed with Canadian artists such as Eternia, Michie Mee, DJ Shub, Shad and Ghettosocks. She has also worked with international artists such as Rapsody, Killah Priest of Wu -Tang Clan, Tajai from Souls of Mischief and the legendary Jean Grae. Phoenix is also a Voice Actor, and has contributed to award-nominated audiobooks, such as “Gutter Child” by Jael Richardson and “The Lost Sister” by Andrea Gunraj.