re.verse with the della kit

  • June 24, 2022
  • 7:45 pm
  • OLG Stage - OLG Grove

the della kit joins re.verse for their first-ever collaboration


  • Damian Matthew
  • 6-string electric bass, FX
  • Robb Cappelletto
  • guitar, FX
  • Todd Pentney
  • keyboards
  • Austin Gembora
  • drums

re.verse is a unit of Toronto-based multi-instrumentalists and producers whose mission is to embrace and explore the natural intersection of their roots in jazz and hip hop with contemporary beat culture and electronic music, soul, and other inspirations spanning a range of genres and eras in urban music. Their aesthetic flexibility is audibly manifested on their debut release “Beat Tape 1”, as well as their notoriously immersive DJ style performances, which use transitions between songs to seamlessly connect a contrasting array of rhythms, tempos and harmonies.

At the core of re.verse is a trio with a surprisingly large and captivating sound, powered by a synergy and flow that can only develop from playing hundreds of residency gigs together for 7+ years in Toronto (the most recent iteration being Thursday nights at Mrs. Robinson) which have allowed them the valuable opportunity to explore these common threads in the music that drives them. On 6-string electric bass/synth, production and engineering is Damian Matthew aka Lnguage, who is met with a versatile and masterful rhythm section comprised of Chino De Villa on drums, Robb Cappelletto on guitars, and mostly recently Todd Pentney aka HiFiLo on keys and synths for added colour and support. re.verse is also known for their collaborations both live and in the studio with fellow Canadian artists including Skratch Bastid, The Halluci Nation, Shad, Saukrates and others, with more to come.

Follow re.verse on Instagram and other socials @rvrs416 or visit to stay up to speed with new releases, concerts concerts as they continue to evolve their sound while keeping grooves locked, ears open and vibrations high.