Annie Bonsignore

Annie is a South African born singer/songwriter/producer and pianist who has been living in Toronto, Canada for twelve years. She was born into a family of passionate musicians. Her father is a guitarist and singer, and her mother is a music teacher. Annie began singing and playing the piano in competitions and festivals at the tender age of five, composing by age nine and singing professionally by the age of eleven. She was a top ten finalist in South Africa’s “Popstars” competition. She recently received a FACTOR grant for the Professional Demo Award.


In a remarkably short amount of time, Duchess has developed a major reputation as a leading vocal trio. Inspired by vocal groups like the Boswell Sisters and the Andrews Sisters, Duchess boasts tight vocal harmonies that are both technically challenging and easy on the ears. Rather than performing straight takes on the classics, however, their arrangements are uniquely tailored for their voices and 21st century tastes.

Al Jarreau

Al Jarreau’s unique vocal style is one of the world’s most precious treasures. His innovative musical expressions have made him one of the most exciting and critically-acclaimed performers of our time with seven Grammy® Awards, scores of international music awards and popular accolades worldwide. After more than 30-years Al Jarreau is undoubtedly one of the greatest performers and innovative vocalists the music world has ever known. Time Magazine called him ‘the greatest jazz singer alive’ and 'Excellent Adventure' illustrates perfectly the reason why.

Emilie Mover

The velvety-voiced Emilie Mover has already had songs synced by giants like Telus and BlackBerry and used in trend-making television shows like Grey’s Anatomy, though she’s likely to surpass those successes with Seems So Long – something more lucid, more mature, more real. “I think we live in a day and age of gluttony and over-stimulation, so it’s nice to have something simple like this,” she shares. “And I think something that simple can still grab someone’s attention if it’s done properly.”

Jamie Cullum

With a Grammy, two Golden Globe, two GQ Man of the Year, three Brit, three Sony Radio and numerous other nominations and awards under his belt, Jamie Cullum is a success story around the planet. The most successful UK jazz artist ever, having sold over 10 million albums worldwide.

Francine Hailman

Francine has been diligently honing her craft as a singer and entertainer by performing in a wide variety of venues across the the GTA and in adjacent areas like Kleinburg and Newmarket for the past decade. Prominent musicians she has worked with include Danny Mcerlain, Norm Amadio, Kory Livingstone, Ron Lopata, Peter Hill, Tony Laviola, Stacey McGregor, John Roney, Ross McIntyre, the late Bob George and Brian Harris.

Kellylee Evans

The voice of jazz singer Kellylee Evans, considered one of the most beautiful of her generation, received unanimous critical praise for her 2010 tribute to Nina Simone. And now she returns with her new opus, "I Remember When", showing her vocal skills yet again. This time she chooses songs by the likes of Eminem, John Legend and Kanye West, taking them into her own world of jazz, soul and hip hop while adding a few classics (Gladys Knight) and the quirky title "And So We Dance" (aka "Alors on danse" in Stromae's original version)

Melissa Stylianou + Heart

HEART gathers the warm, brilliant tones of Melissa Stylianou (voice), Ike Sturm (bass), Godwin Louis (alto sax.), and Chris Dingman (vibraphone) in an enveloping and powerful quartet. Their collective sounds have been described as “dazzling” (NY Times) and “undeniably beautiful,” (DownBeat) bound by raw emotion and incandescent stillness.

Amanda Martinez

Canadian singer/songwriter Amanda Martinez was born to a South African mother and a Mexican father; her music blends the spirit of these cultures with a swirl of Latin soul. Her upcoming album, Libre, (2019) means “free,” and celebrates her eclectic roots and inspiration. The collection features guest artists and includes African, Latino, and pop influences, expressing her desire that her music remain free, unconfined to genre.


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