Ticketed shows

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Free shows

The Block

on the block

Sat. June 25
2:00PM  Woodshed Orchestra
4:00PM  Woodshed Orchestra
5:30PM  Hitmen Drumline
Sun. June 26
2:00PM  Magnolia Brass Band
3:45PM  Magnolia Brass Band 
5:15PM  A Fantástica Bateria 

Festival Village

TD Stage
At festival village

Sun. June 26
3:15PM  Noam Lemish Quartet  (Asper Foundation)
5:00PM  Heather Bambrick & Friends - "Jazz Party in the Park"
8:30PM  Shawnee Kish
Mon. June 27
5:00PM  Jordana Talsky  (Asper Foundation)
6:45PM  Lina Allemano Four
8:30PM  CODE Quartet
Tues. June 28
5:00PM  Payadora with Elbio Fernandez  (Asper Foundation)
6:45PM  Erez Zobary  (Asper Foundation)
8:30PM  Dominic Mancuso Group
Wed. June 29
4:30PM  Toronto Arts Foundation (TAF) Emerging Jazz Artist Award Presentation
4:45PM  Mark Godfrey Quintet (TAF Emerging Jazz Artist Award)   
5:55PM  Jesse Ryan and Bridges  (TAF Emerging Jazz Artist Award)
7:05PM  Joanna Majoko  (TAF Emerging Jazz Artist Award)
8:30PM  Alexis Baro Quintet
Thurs. June 30
5:00PM  Big Smoke Brass
6:45PM  Red Hot Ramble
8:30PM  Bywater Call
Fri. July 1
3:15PM  Maria and the Band
5:00PM  Jaffa Road  (Asper Foundation)
6:45PM  Michael Winograd & the Honorable Mentshn (Asper Foundation)
8:30PM  Moskitto Bar

Festival Village

Fri. June 24
6:15 & 8:00PM  Paul Neufeld’s Rhythm & Truth
Saturday June 25
4:30 & 6:15PM  Cori Giannotta
8:00PM  Hitmen Drumline
Sunday June 26
4:30 & 8:00PM  Viper's Cloud
Monday June 27
6:15 & 8:00PM  SHOUT! The Band
Tuesday June 28
6:15 & 8:00PM  Polskatonic
Wednesday June 29
5:35, 6:45 & 8:00PM  Little Rambunctious
Thursday June 30
6:15 & 8:00PM  Club Django Sextet of Toronto
Friday July 1
4:30, 6:15 & 8:00PM  Viva Mexico Mariachi
Saturday July 2
4:30, 6:15 & 8:00PM  Big Smoke Brass
Sunday July 3
4:30, 6:15 & 8:00PM  Magnolia Brass Band

The OLG Grove

TD Main Stage

Fri. June 24
6:30PM  The Shuffle Demons
8:45PM  The Soul Motivators
Sat. June 25
2:00PM  Big Band Slam  –  Third Avenue Jazz Ensemble (Uxbridge Secondary School)
3:00PM  Big Band Slam  –  ESA Jazz Band (Etobicoke School of the Arts)
4:00PM  Big Band Slam  –  Jazz Lab (Cawthra Park Secondary School)
5:00PM  Luis Deniz Quartet  (OLG First Plays)
8:00PM  Kyla Charter (Curated by Rap N’ Roll / Dalton Higgins)
9:00PM  Jane Inc.  (Curated by Rap N’ Roll / Dalton Higgins)
10:00PM  Melanie Durrant  (Curated by Rap N’ Roll / Dalton Higgins)
Sun. June 26
2:00PM  Carn Davidson 9
4:00PM  Roberto Occhipinti Trio
6:00PM  Es:Mo  (Michael Occhipinti & Elizabeth Shepherd)
7:30PM  Oakland Stroke
9:30PM  Grooveyard
Mon. June 27
4:00PM  Alison Young Quintet
6:15PM  Marta Elena y su Orquesta  (Lulaworld Showcase)
7:30PM  Jerusa Leão and 5Quintet (Lulaworld Showcase)
8:45PM  Soukustek  (Lulaworld Showcase)
Tues. June 28
4:00PM  Sammy Jackson
6:15PM  Andy Milne & Unison
8:30PM  Kellylee Evans
Wed. June 29
4:00PM  Bernie Senensky Quintet  (Asper Foundation)
6:15PM  Twisted Pine
8:30PM  Joy Lapps & Larnell Lewis
Thurs. June 30
4:15PM  Claire Davis  (OLG First Plays)
6:30PM  Bells Larsen  (Showcase Next Door)
7:20PM  Wild Black  (Showcase Next Door)
8:10PM  Hua Li   (Showcase Next Door)
9:00PM  Lydia Persaud   (Showcase Next Door)
Fri. July 1 - Presented by Long & McQuade
2:15PM  Jason Logue's ENNEAD
4:30PM  The Nimmons Tribute
6:45PM  Barbra Lica
9:00PM  Hilario Duran Big Band
Sat. July 2
2:45PM  Slocan Ramblers  (Asper Foundation)
4:45PM  Naomi McCarroll-Butler
7:00PM  Thomas Francis Friends
9:00PM  Cory Henry Trio
Sun. July 3
3:00PM  Beyond the Pale  (Asper Foundation)
5:15PM  Amanda Tosoff feat. Emilie-Claire Barlow
7:30PM  DijahSB
9:00PM  Lemon Bucket Orkestra


Fri. June 24
7:45PM  re.verse with special guest the della kit
10:00PM  re.verse
Sat. June 25
2:30, 3:30 & 4:30PM  Merriam School of Music
6:00, 7:30, 8:30 & 9:30PM  DJ Andy Williams  (Curated by Rap N’ Roll/Dalton Higgins)
Sun. June 26
3:00PM  Rob Christian featuring Samuel Williams (OLG First Plays)
5:00PM  Mike Nagoda and the Spectrum Blues Band
7:00 & 8:45PM  JV's Boogaloo Squad
Mon. June 27
5:15PM  El Ceibo  (OLG First Plays)
7:00PM  Forro dance lesson  (Lulaworld Showcase)
8:15PM  Champeta dance lesson  (Lulaworld Showcase)
Tues. June 28
5:15PM  Bap Nouveau
7:30PM  Quisha Wint  (OLG First Plays)
Wed. June 29
5:15PM  Joshua Arden Miller  (OLG First Plays)
7:30PM  Heillig Manoeuvre
Thurs. June 30
5:30PM  Christine Jackson  (OLG First Plays)
6:15, 7:00, 7:50, 8:40 & 9:45PM  DJ Gloze  (Showcase Next Door)
Fri. July 1 - Presented by Long & McQuade
3:30PM  West End Riverboat Band
5:45PM  James Brown Trio
8:00PM  Czyphor
Sat. July 2
4:00PM  Zenesoul  (OLG First Plays)
6:00PM  Sandra Bouza
8:15 & 10:15PM  re.verse
Sun. July 3
4:15PM  Queen Kong  (OLG First Plays)
6:30PM  Agneya Chikte Quartet
8:15 & 10:15PM  Berma

late nites

Proof Bar:
Official Festival Jam

All shows at 10:00PM
Fri. June 24   Members of the Shuffle Demons
Sat.  June 25   Huntertones
Sun. June 26   Adrean Farrugia
Mon. June 27   Alison Young
Tues. June 28   Mike Downes Trio
Wed. June 29   Czyphor
Thurs. June 30  Nick Fraser Trio
Fri. July 1   Lauren Falls Trio
Sat. July 2  Jocelyn Gould Quartet
Sun. July 3   Justin Gray


All shows at 9:00PM
Fri. June 24   Donnybrook
Sat. June 25   Brooke Blackburn Organ Trio
Sun. June 26   Bernie Senensky Quartet
Thurs. June 30   Danae Olano
Fri. July 1   The Corey Butler Collective with special guest Samuel Williams
Sat.July 2   James Hill Trio
Sun. July 3   Justin Bacchus


All shows at 9:30PM
Sat. June 25   Julie Michels & Kevin Barrett
Sun. June 26   Drew Jurecka
Tues. June 28   Roberta Hunt Trio
Wed. June 29   Eric St-Laurent
Thurs. June 30   Gavin Hope
Fri. July 1   The Bentley Collective
Sat.July 2   Denielle Bassels
Sun. July 3   Tyler Yarema


All shows at 9:30PM
Fri. June 24   Aline Homzy Trio
Sat. June 25   Jessica Stuart Few
Sun. June 26   Emily Burgess & The Emburys
Thurs. June 30   Margaret Stowe Trio
Fri. July 1   West End Riverboat Band
Sat.July 2   Brownman Ali & CRUZAO LATIN-JAZZ TRIO
Sun. July 3   Rider Raiders