Erez Zobary

  • June 28
  • 6:45 pm
  • TD Stage - Festival Village
  • Free
Supported by The Asper Foundation




  • Erez Zobary
  • vocal
  • David Lipson
  • guitar
  • Caleb Klager
  • bass
  • Aidan McConell
  • drums
  • Patrick Smith
  • saxophone
  • Jen Lo
  • piano

Toronto-based R&B/pop artist Erez Zobary has a timeless voice, in more ways than one. Raised on Stevie Wonder and Amy Winehouse, Erez’s soulful vocals echo the sounds and styles of her youth. Lyrically she is raw and uninhibited, writing openly about universal, yet highly personal, feelings of self-worth, uncertainty, and vulnerability. Combined with her down-to-earth sense of humour and natural charisma, which she displays online and onstage, Erez engages with a growing fanbase who resonate deeply with her message of empowerment, and find joy and connectivity in the community she has fostered.

Erez has played to audiences around the country, from sold-out shows at venues like Lee’s Palace and The Danforth Music Hall in Toronto, to packed theatres at TEDxQueensU in Kingston, and the National Music Centre in Calgary, as a participant in the RBC Master in Residence Program. In 2019, Erez was selected by HoneyJam as one of Canada’s up-and-coming female artists, and has since opened for the billboard-charting Lawrence. This summer she will be performing at Rockwood Music Hall, Toronto Jazz Fest, and opening for Sammy Rae & The Friends in support of her latest album, Starlight.

Zobary’s music may be hard for some to pin down – often blending elements of soul, folk, jazz, and pop – yet in it all she maintains a clear motif: the beautiful mess of one young woman’s growth through her twenties.

In 2019, Erez garnered national attention for her first full-length album, July Clouds, featuring anthemic love songs like Love Me (CBC Song of the Week) and Before I Knew You (Spotify Fresh Finds), as well as soulful downtempo songs, and even a diss track. In 2021, she followed up with To Bloom, in which Erez grappled with the challenges in her romantic and personal relationships.

Now on Starlight (out May 5), Zobary looks inward, focusing on the unavoidable changes that she, and many like her, have been forced to make over the last two years. Written and recorded throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Starlight is a snapshot in time, a picture of transformation (and self-acceptance) during a time of great uncertainty and isolation. Despite this, Starlight shines as Zobary’s most communal project to date, a collection of lively, full-band arrangements, featuring performances from many of the artist’s frequent collaborators. With soaring horn lines, groovy drum and bass moments, and luscious vocal arrangements, Starlight combines the energy and flair of old Motown records with more contemporary topics like self-love, one night stands, and social media.

From reflective-yet-uplifting songs like Don’t Go Chasing and Shoulda, to more contemplative pieces like Maybe and Hungover, the album brings all aspects of Zobary’s journey into full view. And as the 25 year-old artist embarks on the next chapter of her life and career, Starlight is in many ways a bookend, a culmination of the challenges and lessons of Zobary’s early twenties. At its core, it is about embracing the full range of human experience: both the good and the bad, pleasure and pain.