Lydia Persaud

  • June 30
  • 9:00 pm
  • TD Main Stage - OLG Grove
  • Free

As part of “Showcase Next Door” – curated by and co-presented with Next Door Record

Promotional support provided by Pride Toronto’s Major Cultural Events program



  • Lydia Persaud
  • uke, voice
  • Christine Bougie
  • guitar
  • Ben McDonald
  • keyboards
  • Scott McCannell
  • bass
  • Don Kerr
  • drums

Lydia Persaud brings a full spectrum of emotion to her latest album, Moody31. Shimmery runs fall alongside precise enunciations that slightly quiver on pitch. A singer with daring range, she stretches words - subtly melismatic, smooth, slantly gospel - to their full emotional capacity. Set for release in April 2022 this sophomore record remodels Persaud’s multitude of influences into a dynamic and harmonious original. Described by producer Scott McCannell as “Roberta Flack sitting in with Bill Withers' band at a folk festival,” Moody31 recombines jazz, R&B, and folk stylings to create soul music in its most literal sense. The effect is deep vulnerability crossed with absolute self-possession. It’s these antithetical desires that cut to the core of Moody31: to love and be loved without losing oneself in the process.