Queen Kong

  • July 3
  • 4:15 pm
  • OLG Stage - OLG Grove
  • Free
OLG First Plays




  • Lorie Wolf
  • Drums
  • Graham Campbell
  • Guitar
  • Nolan Murphy
  • Sousaphone
  • John Williams
  • Clarinet
  • Max Forster
  • Trumpet
  • Nate Dell-Vandenburg
  • Trombone
  • Beth Silver
  • Cello

Led by drummer and composer Lorie Wolf, Queen Kong is a band of klezmorim informed by a wide range of musical styles: the band members’ collective CV spans Balkan punk, hip-hop brass, classical ensembles, reggae, traditional jazz, and Brazilian psych-rock. Their collective experience fills a deep niche; music clearly sprung from a klezmer place, migratory flight paths with destinations yet to be exhausted. Queen Kong’s uniting musical influence is rooted in radical Jewish culture, drawing from a wide range of disparate musical influences, such as John Zorn’s Masada and Bar Kokhba, Hasidic New Wave and Naftule’s Dream.

To be thrown into the fray is to enter into an intense situation without notice. Fray is also the Yiddish word for ‘free.’ For Queen Kong, this double-entendre couldn’t be more apropos. The Toronto band’s debut album Fray was created during a time of worldwide tumult, when all paths forward seemed unclear. During a time of universal unraveling, Fray stands as a strong unifying statement, merging myriad influences to create something unique and powerful.