Um Grande Encontro

  • June 26
  • 4:15 pm
  • TD Main Stage - The Block
  • Free

If you were fortunate enough to catch the first Um Grande Encontro outdoors at the 2019 TD Toronto Jazz Festival, you’ll remember just how much fun it was to listen to so much Brazilian talent playing the most festive music on the planet. This year we’re going up another notch!

For the first time in Canada: Brazilian Bateria with Orchestra!

Special guest composer/arranger/conductor Rafael Piccolotto de Lima will perform Forró Sem Palavras with an all star band of 13 Toronto musicians, and guest appearance by A Fantástica Bateria - Canada’s premier bateria ensemble.

Rafael Piccolotto de Lima - Conductor/Arranger/Musical Director
Alan Hetherington - Musical Director

Bill McBirnie - Flute
Kevin Turcotte - Trumpet
Patrick Smith - Tenor Sax
Jeff King - Alto Sax
Praise Lamb - Violin
Jessica Deutch - Violin
Emilie Gelinas - Viola
Beth Silver - Cello
Rafael Terzarolli - Voice
Louis Simão - Accordion/Piano
Dijerdan Santos - Percussion
Zica Silva - Bass
Alan Hetherington - Drums

With Special Guests: A Fantástica Bateria

Portuguese Musical Glossary

Bateria - a Brazilian drum ensemble, most commonly seen in the Carnaval parades of Rio and São Paulo. Canada’s primiere bateria is Toronto’s own A Fantástica Bateria (@sambatoronto)

Forró - an important party from the Northeast of Brazil, encompassing various dance types and musical genres. Having gained widespread popularity in all regions of Brazil, especially during the June Festivals, it is becoming increasingly popular all over the world.

Um Grande Encontro - The Big Meeting (in this case new and exciting musical combinations never before heard or seen in Toronto!)