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The Avenue Sticker – Toronto Jazz Festival

The Avenue

TD Avenue Stage

On The Avenue

June 24
2:45PM  SHOUT! The Band
4:45PM  SHOUT! The Band
6:45PM  Big Smoke Brass
June 25
2:45PM  Pan Fantasy
4:45PM  Pan Fantasy
6:45PM  Big Smoke Brass
The Village Sticker – Toronto Jazz Festival

The Village

TD Village Stage

June 24
2:30PM  Debi Botos Quintet
4:30PM  The Robert Lee Group
6:30PM  Gavin Hope
8:30PM  Time Warp
June 25
June 26
June 27
4:15PM  Toronto Arts Foundation Emerging Jazz Artist Award presentation
4:30PM  Andrew Marzotto Quartet
6:30PM  Pulkes Band
8:30PM  Malika Tirolien
June 28
June 29
4:30PM  So Long Seven
6:30PM  Kyla Charter
8:30PM  Lorraine Klaasen
June 30
July 1
July 2

In The Village

OLG Grove Sticker – Toronto Jazz Festival

OLG Grove

TD Main Stage

OLG Lounge

June 23
6:15PM  DJ MelBoogie
8:15PM  DJ MelBoogie
June 24
6:30PM  Juana GoGo
8:30PM  Juana GoGo
June 25
2:45PM  DJ Agile
4:45PM  DJ Agile
6:50PM  DJ Agile
8:50PM  DJ Agile
June 26
6:00PM  Jerus Nazdaq
8:00PM  Jerus Nazdaq
June 27
6:00PM  DJ Mira Mela
8:00PM  DJ Mira Mela
June 28
6:00PM  DJ John Kong
8:00PM  DJ John Kong   
June 29
6:00PM  Corey Dawkins
8:00PM  Corey Dawkins
June 30
6:00PM  DJ DVS
8:00PM  DJ DVS
July 1
4:15PM  DJ Nico
6:15PM  DJ Nico
8:15PM  DJ Nico
July 2
4:15PM  Paul Chin
6:15PM  Paul Chin
8:15PM  Paul Chin

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